Gabrielle Segal

Starting as the Office Manager at Waterkeeper Alliance, Gaby transitioned into the role of Training Associate, a role she is thrilled about. As Training Associate, Gaby assists with growing and expanding training resources for all Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates.

Growing up in the busy streets of downtown New York, with constant construction and ever-expanding high-rises, the Hudson River has always been important to Gaby. The river consistently served as a reminder of the beauty and importance of nature which can so easily be forgotten in such a bustling city. Gaby received her BA in History from SUNY New Paltz in the Hudson Valley. Many of her experiences have influenced her interest in environmentalism, from visiting the rainforests of Ecuador and witnessing the destructive power of oil drilling there, to seeing mounds of trash on the shores of the East River. 

She is excited to work at Waterkeeper Alliance, learn more about the hurdles we must overcome to provide clean and safe water around the world, work with passionate individuals, and gain experience on how we can save our waters. 

She’s also an up-and-coming avid biker who hopes to ride across Eurasia, after adequate training.