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Federal Appeals Court Orders EPA to Strengthen Rule on Toxic Wastewater from Power Plants

EPA must update guidelines for reducing toxic wastewater pollution from steam-electric power plants Siding with environmentalists, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on Friday issued a decision directing the EPA to strengthen limits on toxic wastewater from power plants.  The Court’s ruling requires EPA to reevaluate modern wastewater treatment technology to greatly ...

Trump’s WOTUS Definition Attacks the Heart of the Clean Water Act

The Trump administration is implementing its treacherous strategy to eliminate Clean Water Act protections for waters—and communities—across the country through a rulemaking that removes historically protected rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, and other waters from its “waters of the United States” definition. This rulemaking by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers ...

We Say: Drop the “Swampwaters” Classification of the Lower Cape Fear

According to observable facts, the lower Cape Fear River isn’t a swamp. According to North Carolina’s Environmental Management Commission, however, it is. The Commission in 2015 reclassified a 15-mile stretch of the river flowing past Wilmington, from the segment upstream of Toomers Creek to the line across the river between Lilliput Creek and Snows Cut, ...