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24 Scientists, Experts Oppose Disney’s Proposed Cruise Ship Port at Lighthouse Point on Eleuthera, The Bahamas

The “Last Chance for Lighthouse Point” campaign today released a letter from twenty-four independent scientists and experts, setting out the technical case against the Walt Disney Company’s controversial proposed cruise ship port at Lighthouse Point on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. The letter was initiated by Dr. David Philips, Chair of the Board ...

lighthouse point bahamas

Last Chance for Lighthouse Point campaign announces relaunch six weeks after Hurricane Dorian

On July 15, 2019, five leading Bahamian environmental groups — the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation, Save the Bays, ReEarth, EARTHCARE, and Waterkeepers Bahamas — later joined by the international Waterkeeper Alliance organization, launched the “Stop Disney – Last Chance for Lighthouse Point” campaign. By the end of August, more than 100,000 supporters had signed ...

Equinor oil pollution in field.

Mitigate Oil Pollution

By Save the Bays. Reposted with permission from Save the Bays As our islands become more populated, the demand for energy increases, however, this should be done with full accountability to our environment by those companies providing power and fuel to our Islands. Development and industry are essential for jobs and our economy, but we ...

Bringing Sampling Equipment — And Moral Support — to the Bahamas, After Dorian

Christian Breen, Waterkeeper Alliance field investigator, and Pete Nichols, Waterkeeper’s organizing director, spent five days in late September assisting Waterkeepers Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.  Their presence, by itself, was a comfort to Rashema Ingraham, executive director of Waterkeepers Bahamas and Bimini Coastal Waterkeeper. The official Bahamas death toll for the hurricane stands ...

Testing Shows Bahamas Oil Spill Contaminated Wetlands More Than One Mile Away

Nearly Five Million Gallons Spilled; Cleanup Effort Appears to be Inadequate The Bahamas oil spill during Hurricane Dorian contaminated water in critical wetland habitat, including an area more than one mile away from the spill, according to sampling done by Waterkeepers Bahamas, Save the Bays, and Waterkeeper Alliance.  The groups took water samples at five ...