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A Growing Team of Ladakhis Fight for Clean Water

For the first time, Ladakhi citizens in India are able to test for bacteria in their waterways. Trained to test for E. coli, an indicator of harmful disease-causing bacteria in water, on their new IDEXX Colilert equipment, Himalayan Glacier Waterkeeper is leading the region’s first water quality monitoring program to protect its precious waterways for ...

Will This Wild, Secret Himalayan River Be Dammed?

The Karnali River – Nepal’s biggest and last free-flowing river, and the sacred headwaters of the Ganges – is threatened by a massive dam Megh Ale (pronounce “Ah-lay”) is a patient man. His eyes twinkle, the corners of which turn up into a soft smile almost all the time. He used to be a monk ...


Inspiration In The Year Of The Monkey

Earlier this month, Waterkeeper Alliance’s Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Sharon Khan, and I traveled to remote Ladakh, India in the northern reaches of this beautiful and expansive country. Our trip coincided with the festival of Naropa, a Buddhist celebration that occurs once every 12 years in the year of the Monkey. For this event, His Holiness ...

mahanadi river peace initiative

Unquiet Flows the Mahanadi

Ranjan Panda in the Mahanadi River Waterkeeper, based in Odisha, India. India’s Mahanadi River Waterkeeper Ranjan Panda has started an initiative to resolve a conflict between the states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha over water withdrawals from the Mahanadi River, India’s sixth largest and the “mother river” of both states. Below is his account of the conflict ...